What are Grease Traps?

Whether you run a high end Italian bistro or a classic burger joint, your restaurant generates its fair share of grease. But that grease has to go somewhere. When your kitchen employees send wastewater down the drain, the job of a grease trap is to capture those fats and oils so they don’t start clogging up your sewer lines. In the same way that fats can cause a heart attack in our own arteries, they can cause a “heart attack” in the pipes of your kitchen—with similarly disastrous results!

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The Faulty Grease Trap

That backup nightmare comes when your grease traps are too full. When your grease traps stop functioning properly due to neglect, your sewer lines will suffer. You may experience sewer backup, which could result in unsanitary restaurant conditions, costly fines, downtime and even bad publicity. That’s why it’s important to have your grease traps cleaned regularly.

Make sure your work environment is a clean place to be. Call Roto-Rooter for routine maintenance of your grease trap. Our experienced team will empty your grease traps of its oils and fats and we’ll take that waste to the proper disposal company so your pipes stay clear.


Replacing Grease Traps

Whether you are installing a new grease trap in your commercial kitchen or upgrading and old one, it’s best to have a skilled technician handling the process. At Roto-Rooter, we will make sure to replace your old grease trap with a new one that will suit your needs. A dependable grease trap that is correctly installed can make all the difference to your restaurant.

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Need Help With Your Grease Traps in Peoria, IL?

Keep you grease trap situation from turning into a disaster for your restaurant. Get them cleaned or replaced today! Contact Peoria Roto-Rooter for your grease traps, septic system and drain service needs at 309-685-0331.